My Struggle With Impatience

I hate lines. Lines at the Post Office, the DMV, literally anywhere on Black Friday are all places you will never ever see me. I will go to great lengths to avoid waiting in lines, even putting back clothes I really like because the line is just a little too long. Unfortunately, I will be forced to wait in a line next week at the airport as I fly from to NYC the Philippines, and I already know my patience will be tested, and I’m dreading it.

My disdain for lines is just one way that the impatience deep in my heart plays out externally. I’m so used to having things come quickly, easily, and comfortably that when I have to wait even ten minutes or so in a line, my patience runs low and I either get frustrated or give up on whatever I was doing. For me, instant gratification or instant annoyance are the only options.

The impatience in my heart is starkly contrasted by the patience that Christ shows for me. He never gives up on me, regardless of how many times I fail him. He is incredibly slow to anger, when I am instantly angry. When I am reluctant to change or recognize Him for who He is, He is gentle in bringing me back to himself. When I reflect on my impatience, it only leads me to greater praise for the One who is infinitely patient toward me! I am thankful that my God is so unlike me, His ways and thoughts are higher, praise His name!

– W


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