Millennials (try to) Cook: Lime Shrimp Dragon Noodles

W: I got a craving for some spicy noodles, so I went to my favorite cooking website to see if there was a fun recipe there for us to try! Budget Bytes is a blog designed to help people make low-cost, delicious food, and the recipe we got was SO good!

We wound up making this recipe, and Patsy and I both agree it was way better than it had any business being!

P: Okay, so let’s face it. When it comes to food, I’m not really that hard to please. I can eat anything and everything. So when I asked Walter to choose any recipe, I had full confidence that I was going to enjoy whatever it was going to be. This recipe, however, exceeded expectations in such a delightful way!

I looked at the ingredients and didn’t really think much of them, but who knew that soy sauce, Sriracha sauce, and brown sugar is all you really need to make the perfect sauce? I may be exaggerating, but that’s also because I can still remember every delectable bite of the noodles.

Green onion counts as a vegetable, right?
W: My eyes have been opened to garlic’s magical cooking power
Not pictured: Patsy and Walter drooling over how amazing this looked and smelled
And this was only the first serving! The recipe made enough for us both to have seconds

Let us know what you think if you decide to try it!

– P + W


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