We Visited the Philippines!

From June 9th-18th, Patsy and I went off the grid and spent time visiting her family and vacationing in the Philippines! It was such a fruitful trip, full of laughs and even fuller with great food.

Upon arriving in Manila, one of our first priorities was to rub shoulders with some of Patsy’s family. While doing so, we got to meet the newest canine member of her family, Bull, a doberman import from Chile!

Bull is a majestic dog, and he shows it in his model strut. Not pictured: Bull peeing, not 30 seconds after this picture was taken

After getting some face time in, Patsy, her parents, one of her sisters and I traveled to Batangas to stay for a few days at Pico Sands Hotel. We would get to know this place well over the next few days, everything from its beaches, pools, and country club to the restaurant on site at the hotel. Here is Patsy enjoying her first meal at Pico de Loro!

The food here was great, but they did have a ten-second sound clip running on loop!

After gorging ourselves for lunch, the next thing on the list was to hit the beach! Contentment came pretty easy as we relaxed and soaked up the early evening sun.

See that suntan lotion next to the chair? That was my best friend throughout the entire trip! Thanks to Patsy’s father for taking this photo!
Patsy took this amazing shot as the sun went down over Pico de Loro

Day 2 of Pico de Loro was also filled with water and food! After eating breakfast, we hung out at the hotel’s pool area (lots of sunblock was applied). Little did we know of the feast that was awaiting us for lunch. Patsy’s mom had a craving for seafood, and I’m so glad she did because we got to experience a Filipino tradition called a boodle fight! In a nutshell, a boodle fight is an enormous amount of seafood served over rice that is laid on top of banana leaves. The twist is, everyone aggressively eats with their hands in order to get a taste of all the best food before it’s all gone. To top it all off, we got to experience this right at the edge of the beautiful beach we were relaxing on!

I had no idea what was ahead of me.

After lunch/dinner/food for the rest of my life, we all needed a rest so we headed back to the hotel for a couple of hours. Once our food bellies decreased a little, we returned to the beach. Many things awaited us, including a surprise jellyfish warning. We didn’t actually see any, but we steered clear of the water just in case (and also because we were distracted playing frisbee).

Warning: Do not kick jellyfish in the face.
Patsy and I enjoy long walks on the beach

After returning to Manila, the next big item on the agenda was Patsy’s sister getting married! It was such a beautiful day and ceremony, but the bride and groom far overshadowed the weather. I also got to meet even more of Patsy’s relatives!

Patsy’s oldest sister and her new brother-in-law


It was really cool to spend time with the people that know and love Patsy the most!

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that one blog post could never fully summarize. For every meal and event detailed here, there’s ten more that were left out. A huge shout-out goes to Patsy’s parents who served as our tour guides, schedule builders and of course hosts for the entire week. Everything we did (including many of the photos featured in this post) was made possible by them!

Many thanks for everything!

Much love,

– W



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