Particle & Wave

In my recent oil painting class, I spent 4 out of our 10 sessions working on just one painting. At the time, I didn’t think it would take me 4 sessions, but the moment I started layering down paint for each box on the grid, I knew that it was going to take me a while. I was inspired to turn Teil Duncan’s painting into a grid painting.

What I love about this painting is the patterns. At times I felt as though I’ve lost the image in the simplicity of the shapes and the layering of colors, but I found that adding in patterns brought the whole image together and kept it from becoming too abstract to the viewer.

Multiple times, upon viewing my work, my instructor would be reminded of how light is both a particle and a wave that cannot be observed at the same time. In similar fashion, the grid painting is a series of mini paintings. Each square held a painting and life in its own, but it painted an even bigger picture when seen together as a whole.

I’ve found it easier, to step back every now and then to make sure that I wasn’t losing sight to the bigger picture.


And the final painting…


– P


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