Particle & Wave

In my recent oil painting class, I spent 4 out of our 10 sessions working on just one painting. At the time, I didn’t think it would take me 4 sessions, but the moment I started layering down paint for each box on the grid, I knew that it was going to take me a while. I was inspired to turn Teil Duncan’s painting into a grid painting.

What I love about this painting is the patterns. At times I felt as though I’ve lost the image in the simplicity of the shapes and the layering of colors, but I found that adding in patterns brought the whole image together and kept it from becoming too abstract to the viewer.

Multiple times, upon viewing my work, my instructor would be reminded of how light is both a particle and a wave that cannot be observed at the same time. In similar fashion, the grid painting is a series of mini paintings. Each square held a painting and life in its own, but it painted an even bigger picture when seen together as a whole.

I’ve found it easier, to step back every now and then to make sure that I wasn’t losing sight to the bigger picture.


And the final painting…


– P


Painting the Girl with Flowers

When I graduated from college, I was not really prepared for what happened afterwards.

My senior year was heavy with classes, case studies, papers, presentations, and social life that I barely felt like there was enough time to process what was happening. Even when I was applying for jobs, writing cover letters, and revising resumes, I didn’t really feel like I was leaving. School dominated the majority of my life, and so the thought of living without it was so foreign to me.

I moved to Philadelphia, started a new job, got my license, bought a car, and moved into a row home with 2 wonderful ladies just a couple of months after graduating. It was a very busy season in my life…and then one day that season was over. Everything quieted down, and I realized that it was a little too quiet.

Suddenly I found myself restless and full of energy. I would go to work from 7am to 3pm and find myself wondering what I should do next. Gone were the days where I would go to class all day and do homework all night (I was a little bit of a nerd). My job didn’t require me to do any work outside of my usual hours (for which I am incredibly grateful). I realized that I had a lot of free time, and I was starting to get bored (there’s only so many Netflix shows you could watch).

To remedy the situation, I started taking art classes. So far, I’ve taken oil painting, weaving 101, and batik art. Now I’m currently taking my second oil painting class. Aside from this, I decided that it would be pretty fun to learn a new instrument, and so I bought myself a ukulele and started strumming away. A big shout out to Yousician for teaching me how to play well. Yousician is an app that reminded me of the Rock Band game I played growing up, but the fun part is they teach you to play on an actual instrument.

Before taking my oil painting class, I’ve already had some experience painting with watercolor and acrylic. I never touched the oils because I felt a little intimidated by it (the Masters used it after all). The type of paint you use really does matter because it changes the ball game of the painting completely. I was accustomed to the acrylic’s bold colors and its process of drying quickly. Oil dried much slower, which gave you more time to mix, blend, or in my case, get the painting to look muddy.

Today I’m sharing with you a painting that I attempted to recreate by Roxanne Raven. She called it, “Wild Heart,” which I found to be very fitting for my restless little heart. I found out about Roxanne through Instagram and fell in love with her Nest and Girls with Flowers Series. I was drawn to the colors and her abstract impressionistic style.

Roxanne used mixed media to complete her paintings. I limited my painting to just oil paint. Here’s the progression:

Then the final product:


It was challenging to keep the colors pure, but hey, I persevered ’til the end. I posted this photo on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and guess who commented!?


Hope you enjoyed it!

– P